Culture Change

Building a high performing culture takes time, effort and continuous monitoring – it must start with an understanding of the gap between existing cultural attributes and the desired values, behaviours and structures to support transformation strategic goals. We help you throw a light on your organisational culture, surface what’s already working well and identify the priorities for change. Using Workbench, our AI powered data analytics platform we help clients reveal critical organisational insights and make faster, better informed decisions.

Assess the gap between your current company culture and the one you need to deliver your vision and strategic goals
Identify your key change drivers, barriers and influencers
Monitor and track the success of your culture change initiatives, and reveal how to best adapt in the future
Leverage your organisation’s informal influencers as agents for change

Using the OI and Workbench this year has helped us make better and more informed decisions… we have increased alignment and cohesion of the leadership team around our strategic goals as well as enhanced understanding of our vision and values amongst employees.

Sarah Clark

COO, XL Media

Workbench connects your fragmented organisational data. Powered by A.I., our analytics platform draws information from enterprise systems including Slack, Microsoft Teams and Workplace by Facebook, as well as from people and teams across your company.
Power-users harness Workbench’s Machine Learning techniques including sentiment analysis, classification, entity, and translation, as well as quantitative, qualitative, topic, and organisational network analysis (ONA). The platform’s augmented analytics capabilities then help you make sense of, and act on this critical data – delivering advanced insights to improve organisational effectiveness.

We give you access to the data you need and tools required to make faster, better informed decisions.

With Workbench we’ve been able to uncover insights and make recommendations that have been critical to helping our clients understand how they’re set up to achieve their business goals, and where the biggest opportunities are to support their organisational transformation.

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Slack Intelligence

Workplace Intelligence

MSFT Teams Intelligence

People Intelligence


Turn data into action and improve sales effectiveness


Optimise your digital workplace tools and practises


Harness the power of your teams


Understand how critical information is exchanged and received


Create and embed a high performing culture that supports your strategic goals


Release the potential of your people
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