Connect and unlock your existing enterprise messaging and collaboration application data and gain deeper insights into your organisation.

Workbench currently authenticates and connects to:

  • Slack Intelligence
  • Microsoft Teams Intelligence
  • Workplace from Facebook Intelligence
  • People Intelligence
  • Google Workspace (coming soon) 

Unify siloed data on Workbench and use AI, data analytics and advanced data visualisation on a single unified platform.

  • Cutting-edge Machine Learning techniques including sentiment analysis, classification, entity, and translation services
  • Quantitative, qualitative, topic, and organisational network analysis designed specifically for organisational data
  • Proprietary platform capabilities bring unprecedented accuracy, automation and speed of insight 

Utilise Workbench’s intuitive augmented analytics capabilities to organise, understand, and act on critical data to improve decision making and organisational effectiveness.

  • Reveal patterns and trends using unparalleled real-time analytics to help you deliver rapid change
  • Surface critical insights to shape your future of work strategy, understand the adoption and impact of workplace technology, drive collaboration or enact culture change
  • Detect the strengths and weaknesses of your organisation and how these change over time

Using Workbench this year has helped us make better and more informed decisions. With these insights we have increased alignment and the cohesion of the leadership team around our strategic goals.

International Technology Client


Workbench connects with the world’s most popular enterprise tools to bring you advanced, real-time and comparative insights into your connection, activity and utilisation, and the resulting impact on your organisation. It can also securely collect critical information directly from people and teams using enterprise bots and more traditional analytical assessment methods.


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Workplace from Facebook Intelligence

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Microsoft Teams Intelligence

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Temporall takes privacy very seriously.

We have a multi-layered approach to privacy, security and trust, and our platform was designed from the ground-up by leaders with decades of deep enterprise experience.

  • Enterprise-grade Cloud infrastructure
  • Application Security: industrial end-to-end encryption
  • Fully role-based, two-factor authentication (2FA)
  • Full Privacy Policy
  • GDPR compliant

As business moves faster and becomes more digitised. I believe that the organisational intelligence Temporall provides is important in changing the way organisations are run. This pandemic crisis has now had a profound impact in accelerating this need.

Professor Julian Birkinshaw

The London Business School


Slack Intelligence

Workplace Intelligence

MSFT Teams Intelligence

People Intelligence


Turn data into action and improve sales effectiveness


Optimise your digital workplace tools and practises


Harness the power of your teams


Understand how critical information is exchanged and received


Create and embed a high performing culture that supports your strategic goals


Release the potential of your people
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